The Gazebo at DeSales Corner

Mother’s Day 2015 and Liz and I visited the Gazebo on Woodburn Avenue, the location of a lovely fountain of dancing nymphs at the exact spot of the first Anneliese von Oettingen School of Ballet in Cincinnati.  I recall the tiny store front, the ally on the side, the barre and single mirror on one wall, and the year we began class.  The neighbors from down the street, Trisch and Mellie Meretta, Sue Ellen Bowen, my cousins Peggy and Michael, my brother and I were the first students.   It all began in 1948.

Fifty  years later that building was demolished and a small green area was changed to a park.  The mayor of the city presented my Mother with a Key to the city, placed a memorial plaque on the brick walls, and dedicated the day to her.   When we returned to this site sometime later, the plaque was gone.

Laura Hughes later replaced the plaque, but instead of putting it into the park, installed it into the studio.  I’m sure students and parents have wondered about the plaque in the studio.  Here is a photo we took while visiting the park.  I think this visit a fitting endeavor for Mother’s Day, in honor of my mother, Anneliese von Oettingen.

gazebo      me behind fountain


Setting our Standards

I watch too much TV.   YouTube is a constant source of excitement with incredible extentions and fluid pirouettes.  I am not so happy to see young children in scant costumes dancing adult style dances with sexual themes.  I am not surprised at younger and less mature children in make up and hair styles  appropriate only for adults.

The AvO School of Ballet sets higher standands.  I have always envisioned yoga complementing the Ballet curriculum. Yoga  teaches  our students how to calm themselves with breath control and peace, and  to find their inner beauty (not search for beauty with make up).  The general movement of our society seems to be in the direction of  more artificial and superficial.  With the addition of yoga, for the parent and the child, we want to emphasize the need to simplify our lives, bring calm and beauty back to its roots, and move to a  beat that is becoming more important these days.

Each of us needs inner strength to be our true self, and to become the best dancer in the future.   We intend to set our goals much higher than in year end dances,  make up,  and costumes.

I want my students to gain inner strength.  I  want their breath and spirit strong, their focus calm and determined, and their bodies flexible and balanced.  The School of Ballet sets a standard that meshes with yoga training.  Yoga at our studio will help you and your child  reach those goals.


Recital News

Recital 2015

Location: McAuley High School
                       6000 Oakwood Ave.
                       Cincinnati, OH 45224
EVERYONE must arrive dressed in your recital costume with hair and make-up picture ready both days.
Recital Rehearsal Schedule:
Friday, May 29th
4:30-5:00 pm:  Warm-up for Pre-Ballet,  Ballet 1 & Ballet 2
5:00-6:30 pm:    Rehearsal for Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1,  Ballet 2 and their                             demonstrators
6:00-6:30 pm:  Warm-up for Intermediate/Advanced, Modern,                                       Teens & Adults, Conni’s Beginning Pointe
6:30-8:30 pm: Rehearsal for Intermediate/Advanced. Modern,                                        Teens & Adults, and Conni’s Beginning Pointe


Saturday, May 30th
4:00-5:00 pm: Walk-thru all Kinderballet members for “Eight Ballet                             Adventures with Eric Carle”
5:00-6:00 pm: Dinner break for Kinderballet
6:00 pm:  All additional dancers arrive
6:00 -6:30 pm:  Warm-up on stage for all dancers
7:00 pm: Showtime



Flowers, pictures, misc. ballet items, will be on sale at the performance on May 30th

Look for volunteer sign-up sheets for the recital in the studio

We need about  20 dozen cookies for Intermission.

Maslov Photography will be available at McAuley High School in the lobby on Friday, May 29th during the dress rehearsal for professional photos.

Flipbox Productions will produce videos for sale. No videotaping will be permitted during the performance, but you may videotape at dress rehearsal on Friday.

Ticket sales for the recital are SATURDAY, MAY 9th  9 am – noon at the studio in Cheviot. Tickets are first come, first serve.  Tickets will be available up to and including the day of recital by contacting the studio or my cell.

If you have questions call Michele Frey at 513-353-1433.   You can also call the studio at 513-481-0092 or my cell 513-674-8735 on Sat., May 9th during the sale hours.