Letters from Camp-3

My Mother loved dance from the moment she could walk.

Her Mother was so insistant Anneliese have lessons even though  money was short, she offered to do secretarial work in exchange.  The teacher was so pleased with Anneliese’s progress at her age, that when she moved, she insisted Anneliese take over the direction of her studio and children’s ballet company.  At the time it was required to pass exams in order to teach and direct dance schools in Germany.  Anneliese had to pass exams in dance history,  ballet,  modern dance,  national dance(Character),  tap dance, and  acrobatic.  At fourteen she was the youngest to ever pass these exams.  She then took over the Berlin ballet school of dance, and with her Mother, had a successful business.

Anneliese spent some time training in England, studied in Germany with famous modern dancers, studied tap with well known tap dancers, and loved all aspects of dance.  In America, she specialized in ballet.  The background she had shows her diversity from a young age.  When she came to Eagle Bay, she tried to expand each student’s dance knowledge.

Each ballet has “Divertissements”, with dances from different countries.  Anneliese taught Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish dances to students so that they felt familiar with many styles of dance as well as balletic lyric style.  She would teach tap at camp to give students a love for what she called the “Buddy Epson” or ” Eleanor Powell” style of tap.  She led students into a deeper knowledge of dance, bringing different forms of modern dance into their experiences.  Anneliese’s life involved the world of Art, bringing  the paint and colors into play, where students were involving their senses of how they see the world.  She would have them write each day about their experiences, copy the lessons down on paper, keep a notebook as a journal for the future.

I make contact almost daily with students who have positive memories of their Eagle Bay Camp experiences.  Her dedication and love of art created our time in her presence  as a spiritual journey as well as training for the future.  We all return to Eagle Bay with reverence and joy, leaving with  renewed energy for the year to come.