Meet Layla Meyer!

Layla Meyer is a new instructor we will be introducing this summer. She is graduating this May with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts with a Dance Concentration from Dickinson College on Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She was recommended to us by our dear friend Kori Kresge who worked with her this spring while guest teaching at the college.

Layla comes with experience as a teacher, substitute teacher, and teaching assistant, having taught modern dance, jazz, and classical ballet.  In addition she has worked as a physical therapist’s assistant, and even worked in the costume shop for Dickinson College.  She has held important leadership roles for the college’s Dance Theater Group Executive Board, most recently as President, with responsibility to act as liason between the college’s Dance and Theater Departments to produce semi-annual concerts.  With this she has also presented choreographic works of her own.

From all accounts Layla is bright, cheerful under duress, and eager to assist, organize, inspire, teach, and create.

Layla will visit our summer classes in the first two weeks to introduce herself to the AvO students. She will be incorporating modern dance techniques for her Summer Workshop II July 8 thru 12th. There will be two hours of instruction for each of the five days, or ten hours total.   Any student in Ballet II or higher may enroll in this workshop. Ballet I students may attend with special permission by our Ballet Mistress, Conni Berns. The cost is $100.00 for the Workshop, $85.00 if attending another workshop. If 10 students enroll by June 1, there will be an additional 10% tuition rebate for each student.

In the fall we hope to continue to work with Layla, perhaps even adding regular modern dance technique to the studio’s offerings.