Please Note!

We offer workshops and trial lessons through out the year to help students and parents get a feel for classes before they commit to a series of lessons or even a card of four lessons.  It is a cost to the parent to invest in the ballet or yoga outfit.  We want you to be in the right place.

This week we offer all students 10 and over a free master class with a guest teacher, Ms. Patty Pille, who will offer not only an hour of ballet training to our students, but an hour of jazz.  Students in level two and above, teens and adults are all encouraged to attend!  Come join this class Friday, January 29, 5 to 7 p.m.

We are offering classes in yoga for children this semester, Tuesday evenings, and we ask you to bring your student for a trial lesson.  For focus and centering, for stretching and health, for learning calming breathes and just for body control, balance and fun, yoga is the best crosstraining for any sport.  It is also a fine beginning sport for the child wanting a non-competitive strengthening activity.

Pre-ballet classes are open to trial lessons throughout the year, and as your child becomes 4 we want them to start with us.  These classes are enjoyed by boys and girls.  We express stories in dance like: The Dwarf dance, Jack and the beanstalk, Snow White and the 7 dwarves, Trolls, Butterflies, Witches and Frogs.  Dancing to music can be exactly what brings co-ordination and balance to a child that is struggling with doing certain activities.  Competitive sports requiring ball and equipment may actually discourage some children from enjoying activities as they grow older.

Teen and Adult classes are open to the parent or high school student needing some extra activities during the day.  Did you love ballet when you were young?  This might be a great time to start up again, even if you buy only a punch card and take class the weeks you are able.  Yoga is also available for you to take a trial class.

Take advantage of these offers.  Come visit and we will find the best fit for your or your child!