Visiting Eagle Bay

Migrating to Eagle Bay each summer triggers images of hard played boys, come home late and dirty, collecting wood for campfires over which they cook their food.  They learn that lazy old sticks burn, but green ones picked fresh will last the summer, letting their food cook and be ready for tomorrow’s fire.

Memories of the good times we had last year jump up at a moment’s notice- Aaron was here just last year, enjoying skiing and hiking.  Jason and Annalisa recalled all the good times, and we hiked out to Ferd’s Bog, again not seeing the woodpecker with three toes, only living in this area.
I visit Riverview Cemetery, where my Mother, Grandmother, and Grandfather rest.  The triumvirate of my youth, in my summer spot.  I do not leave flowers or tears, I take a photo, to recall the many ballet photos my Mother would take with ballet students posing “a la Giselle” before she died.
I can not think of Eagle Bay without remembering the many years of Ballet Camp and the hundreds of dancers that spent a week, a month or many summers here with Anneliese.  She planned classes, trips, canoe trips, hikes, visits to the Muffin Patch, to The Old Forge Hardware, rainy day trips to Blue Mountain Museum or to a movie, and the special events at her camp.  There were “counselors” to cook or mentor students.  Some sessions were for Mothers and students. And for most of us, times that we never forgot and always wanted to last forever!
Anneliese was here in the Adirondacks from the beginning of her life as an American- she arrived in Cincinnati April, 1947, and we came up north the next summer…but that is another story.